Tracing Your Colonial American Ancestors

Tracing Your Colonial American Ancestors

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Tracing Your Colonial American Ancestors; by David A. Norris, from the Publishers of "Internet Genealogy" & "History Magazine"; 2013; paper; 82 pp; 8.5x11; Item #: MM015

This book is also available in PDF eBook format.

Discover Your Colonial Roots


  • Vital Records Sources
  • Revolutionary War Records
  • Militia Records
  • Tax Rolls
  • Colonial Court Records
  • Poll Books
  • Colonial Maps
  • Ship Passenger Lists
  • Land & Probate Records
  • And Much More!

Table of Contents:

  • Colonial Newspapers, Newspapers of the day can offer more than just news about your ancestor, but also a look into their daily lives
  • Maps of Colonial America, Between websites, atlases and modern reproductions, there are lots of places to find maps from the colonial era
  • Revolutionary War Records, We look at some rich resources for early births, marriages, maiden names and more
  • Birth, Marriages & Deaths. Tips and hints for locating more vital record information for colonial ancestors. Look outside the box!
  • The New Calendar, The change to the new calendar in 1752 left a mess for future generations of historians and genealogists
  • Passenger Ship Records, There are many passenger records for colonial ancestors that have been published or placed online
  • Tax Roll & Colonial Censuses, A look at colonial censuses, along with tax rolls and tithables as helpful census substitutes
  • Militia Records, Militia records for the colonial period can serve as useful census substitutes when trying to locate ancestors
  • Colonial Money, It wasn’t all coins and paper money; quite often our ancestors relied on barter and credit
  • Colonial Court, Along with probate and land records, court records offer some of the richest resources for your research
  • The French and Indian Wars, Four European wars spilled over into the histories of many New World families
  • Indentured Servants, There are a number of easily accessible published and online sources to help you locate your ancestor
  • Voting & Poll Books, Most election lists are long lost, but scattered lists of voters remain for some of the colonies
  • Political Committees, Opposition to British rule created new types of family history records
  • Probate and Land Records, Some of the best information you will discover will come from the land and probate records of your ancestors
  • Colonial Weights & Measures, The US inherited some British systems of measurement, but differed on others after American independence.
  • Brands, Ear Marks & Strays - Records of your ancestors’ livestock can be a gateway to the past
  • Predator Bounty Records, Records of bounties on various types of predators or “animal nuisances” can add color to your family history.