Tracing Your Revolutionary War Ancestors

Tracing Your Revolutionary War Ancestors

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Tracing Your Revolutionary War Ancestors; Compiled by author David A. Norris: from the Publishers of History Magazine; 68pp; Paper; saddle-stapled; Full Color; 8.5x11; Item # MM022

This item may also be purchased as a PDF eBook.

Start Your Revolutionary War Research!

  • Locate Your Ancestors In:
    • Military Service Files
    • Navy and Privateer Records
    • Stat Rosters
    • Pensions                          
    • Cemetery & Death Records
    • Political & Government Records
    • Bounty Land Warrants
    • Loyalists Records
    • And More!

Here is a complete list of articles you will find in this special edition publication:

  • Revolutionary War: Getting Started, An overview of some of the Resources for locating ancestors from the Revolutionary War era.
  • Revolutionary War Pension Files; An abundance of genealogical gold!
  • The “Other” Pensions: A bit off the beaten track; these state pension sources may revel some unexpected family history.
  • Federal Bounty Land Warrants; An excellent source for confirming an ancestor’s military service when other key records are missing.
  • State Bounty Land Records; For men with short-term army service, or who fought in the militia, these records might be the best proof of wartime service you can find.
  • Cemetery and Death Records; Gravestone inscriptions and burial records can provide tremendous assistance to Revolutionary War research.
  • Army Records; Although many records were lost over time, there are several alternate sources you should look into.
  • State Rosters & Databases; A sampling of books and a few online databases to assist you in beginning, or continuing, your research
  • Navy Records; Between the official and private naval vessels, a sizeable portion of the patriot’s military personnel served at sea.
  • Privateer Records; An estimated 58,400 crew served in private armed vessels during the war, those sailors likely have a lot of decadence searching for them
  • Prisoner of War Records; A look at some POW records sources, and some insight into the prisons and prison hulks used for confinement.
  • Loyalists Records; Resources for locating supporters of the Crown.
  • Political & Government Records; Documents and records books written by officials of all levels of government, as well as political committees, from a tremendous trove of material for genealogists.