Tracing Your Irish Ancestors - Your Irish Roots Made Easy! - PDF eBook

Tracing Your Irish Ancestors - Your Irish Roots Made Easy! - PDF eBook

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Tracing Your Irish Ancestors - Your Irish Roots Made Easy! - PDF eBook; 2012; PDF eBook; 66 pp; Item #: MM011

This book is also available as a saddle-stappled paperback book.

"From trade directories, petty sessions, and DNA to Currency, Ships and even Irish-American Soldiers in the US Civil War, we'll show you the resources you need to find your Irish ancestors!"

That is the splash on the front cover of Tracing Your Irish Ancestors. Moorshead Magazines is the publisher of Internet Genealogy, and History Magazine. Every so often the company collects the best articles on a particular subject from each of the three magazines and combines them into a special edition. Tracing Your Irish Ancestors is one Moorshead's special genealogical releases.

Produced in 2012, this 66-page special edition features 12 articles relevant to Irish research (a complete article list is provided below). As the cover text states, articles cover a wide variety of topics. Many articles are printed with images and samples to get a better feel for the topic. Alan Stewart's article on Internet-based Irish research covers over 50 websites, with full URLs and a brief summary of each. Page by page, the reader is taken through the various topics covered by each author's area of expertise.

Even though each article appeared previously in one of Moorshead's three magazines, before publication, articles were updated to ensure source materials and online references were up to date. While some references may change with time, having the source names can help researchers find any altered sites usually with some ease.

Whether the researcher lives in Ireland or is the descendant of an Irish immigrant, the information from these articles is highly relevant. With modern communications, the world seems to shrink more each year. The cost of communicating and accessing documents and records located around the world is faster and cheaper than ever before.


  • Can You Get a Certificate of Irish Heritage; Hilda McGauley looks at a fun, and informative, way to recognize your Irish heritage
  • Your Irish Ancestry Online: A Definitive Guide ; Alan Stewart goes online in search of the top Internet-based Irish research resources
  • Online Irish Family History Resources; From Ireland's local governments and libraries, David A. Norris looks at what is on the 'Net
  • The Court of Petty Sessions; David A. Norris looks at Irish court records that might contain many ancestors names
  • City and Trade Directories; David A. Norris looks at an important resource for researching your Irish roots
  • Locating the Exact Origin of Your Irish Ancestor; Marie Daly looks at some important resources for researching your Irish ancestor
  • Six Steps to Research Success: Irish Style! Brian Mitchell documents the six crucial steps necessary to reach your online research goal
  • Ancestors, Ships and the Sea; David A. Norris looks at the online resources available if your Irish ancestor was a sea rover
  • Ireland's Money and Your Genealogy; David A. Norris looks at the local currency your Irish ancestor would've used
  • Finding Help With Your Scots-Irish Line; Cindy Thomas looks at the resources available to assist you with your Scots-Irish research
  • Surnames and Genetics in Ireland; Anthony Adolph explains how ancient surnames and modern genetics make perfect partners
  • Civil War Soldiers; David A. Norris looks at the resources available if your Irish ancestor fought in the Civil War.