Tracing Your Ancestors: Organize Your Genealogy Research: Tips, Tricks & Strategies - PDF eBook

Tracing Your Ancestors: Organize Your Genealogy Research: Tips, Tricks & Strategies - PDF eBook

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Tracing Your Ancestors: Organize Your Genealogy Research: Tips, Tricks & Strategies - PDF eBook; by Lisa A. Alzo & Denise May Levenick; printed in 2017; 66 pages; PDF eBook;  ISBN 978-1-926510-05-7; Item #MM023-PDF.

This item is also available as a printed saddle-stappled book.

Lisa A. Alzo & Denise May Levenick have written a new booklet for Moorshead Publishing titled Organize Your Genealogy Research: Tips, Tricks & Strategies. The booklet is part of the Tracing Your Ancestors series. I wrote Tracing Your Germanic Ancestors for the series, so I do know something about them.

It is made up of 19 chapters – all dealing with an aspect of genealogy organization. Starting with an article on getting rid of the useless clutter – and knowing what is of archival value to an article dealing with organizing your genealogy research through the use of online internet resources.

Denise Levenick is an expert in the area of organizing and archiving paperwork and well as physical heirlooms. Several of the articles detail how to go about archiving all these items we have stored in our home offices, and well as our attics, living rooms, and closets. One chapter deals with how to deal with all those photos we all seem to collect. Do you have issues with archival terminology? She includes a chapter dealing with just that. Everything from Acid, acidic to Polyvinyl chloride. Lists of archival suppliers, as well as resources (with detailed contact information) are included.

I’ve been a fan of Lisa Alzo’s instruction for a number of years. She includes a number of chapters dealing specifically with organizing your research using storyboarding, apps, Trello, and Evernote.

Genealogists can get a lot of good tips and instruction from this 66 page publication. It’s well worth it’s low price, and then some.

The following is from the Table of Contents:

Taming Your Inner Packrat Purge your inner packrat and cut the clutter!

Storyboarding Your Family’s History Helpful techniques to overcome writer’s block

Tips From the Pros Lisa A. Alzo and Denis May Levenick share their tips for staying organized

Setting Up a Home Archive How to be a better keeper of your family’s artifacts

Archival Product Resources A look at the terminology and other resources relating to preservation

Archiving Family Keepsakes Top tips on how to become “The Family Curator”

S.M.A.R.T. Goals Learn how this popular goal-setting method can help you organize your genealogy

Creating Research Log & Plan Planning your research strategy and logging your work are crucial to your success

Organizing Heirlooms A look at storage options for your treasured family items

Web Resources for Organizing A look at websites for helping you organize your genealogy

Organizing Online Life Five ways to avoid online overload

Finding Clues in the Archives Carefully examine every aspect of your family collection for a possible unexpected connection

Organizing Photos A look at the prints, negative and film left by your ancestors

Timesaving Apps & Tools Lisa A. Alzo shares her favorite scanning and organizing apps

20 Tips for Organizing Paper Files Denise May Levenick looks at ways to organize sooner, rather than later

Organizing Digital Files Five steps to help you organize your hard drive and avoid the digital clutter

Trello Lisa A. Alzo discusses how Trello can organize your genealogy and writing projects

Evernote Use Evernote to organize your genealogy and more!

Choosing Scanners Denise May Levenick looks at what you need to consider when choosing the right digitizing equipment.