Tracing Your Ancestors - DNA & Your Genealogy

Tracing Your Ancestors - DNA & Your Genealogy

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Tracing Your Ancestors - DNA & Your Genealogy; by Dr. Maurice Gleeson MB; 2018; 66 pp; PDF eBook; Saddle-stapled; Soft Cover Item #: MM028

This book may also be purchased as a PDF eBook.

This 66 page DNA guide is the most easy-to understand published to date. Heavily illustrated, this guide is for the rest of us!

The following is from the Table of Contents:

  • Preamble
  • What's in you closet?
  • Why turn to DNA?
  • What Companies offer DNA tests?
  • What can you get from a DNA test?
  • The three main DNA tests (and what they can do for you)
  • Which DNA test is best for me?
Some Basic Science
  • A closer look at chromosomes
  • The two different types of DNA Marker
  • The Human Evolutionary Tree
Y-DNA - Tracing Your Direct Male Line
  • The types of Y-DNA test
  • Understanding your Y-DNA results
  • Your Place on the Tree of Mankind
  • Why join a Surname Project
  • Anatomy of a Surname Project
  • Further study & resources
Mitochondrial DNA- Tracing Your Direct Female Line
  • Some more basic science
  • Applying mtDNA to your genealogy
Autosomal DNA - Some More Basic Science
  • What is asDNA?
  • The mechanics of atDNA transmission and inheritance
  • Recombination (Crossing Over) - shuffling the pack
  • Independent Assortment - random sorting of chromosomes
  • How much DNA do I share with my relatives?
  • Genetic Population Admixture Estimates ("ethnic makeup")
Autosomal DNA - connecting with Genetic Cousins
  • Secrets of Success
  • Analyzing Autosomal DNA Matches
  • Step 1 - Where does the common ancestor sit on your tree?
  • Step 2 - Is the common ancestor obvious?
  • Step 3 - Generating a shortlist of possible candidates
  • Step 3.1 - Maternal or Paternal ancestor?
  • Step 3.2 - A match on the X?
  • Step 3.3 - Eliminating lines of unlikely ethnicity or nationality
  • Step 3.4 - Using phasing to eliminate ancestral lines
  • Step 3.5 - Other techniques to eliminate non-contenders
  • Step 4 - Working with Triangulation
  • Triangulation with 23andMe
  • Triangulation with FTDNA
  • Triangulation with Ancestry
  • Triangulation in practice

Using DNA to Help Adoptees

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