Tracing Your Ancestors: BEGINNER’S GUIDE - PDF Download

Tracing Your Ancestors: BEGINNER’S GUIDE - PDF Download

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racing Your Ancestors: BEGINNER’S GUIDE; 2014; 8.5x11; 82 pp; Item #: MM019-pdf; PDF downloadable eBook, Downloads are available immediately upon placing order.

This book is also available printed format.

  • 10 First Steps to Researching Your Ancestors!
  • A Dozen Websites You Should Know!
  • Create a Timeline!
  • Vital Records: Why You Should Seek Them!
  • Census Records &How to Use Them
  • Who’s In Those Family photos?
  • Planting Your Family Tree Online!
  • Storytelling & Interview Tips
  • Finding Family in Online Newspapers
  • Genealogy Software Overview, andMore!


  • 10 First Steps; Lisa A. Alzo describes the first steps you should take when starting to research your genealogy
  • Create A Research Plan & Log; Lisa A. Alzo explains why planning your research strategy and logging your work are crucial to success
  • A Dozen Websites Every Genealogist Should Know About; Lisa A. Alzo looks at 12 websites you should bookmark for your research resources
  • Plant Your Family Tree Online; Tony Bandy explores some options for growing your family tree online
  • Birth, Marriage And Death Certificates; George G. Morgan looks at the important vital records you will encounter in your family history research
  • Getting Started With Genealogy Software: An Overview ; Tony Bandy offers some advice on what to look for in a genealogy software program
  • Beyond The Internet; Lisa A. Alzo offers advice about what to do when you’ve exhausted all of the available resources online for your ancestors
  • Tracking Your Ancestors With Timelines; Lisa A. Alzo shares how placing your ancestor’s life on a timeline makes it easy to follow at a glance
  • Making The Most Of Myheritage.Com; Lisa A. Alzo discusses three ways to make the most of to find your elusive ancestors
  • Using Census Records; Lisa A. Alzo shows you how to begin researching your family in the US Census
  • Finding Your Ancestors In The Newspaper; Gena Philibert-Ortega looks at the Who, What, When, Where and How of searching for your ancestors in the “papers”
  • Getting Started With Familysearch; Lisa A. Alzo offers ten tips for navigating this records-rich website
  • Five Tips For Interviewing Your Relatives; Lisa A. Alzo offers tips and tricks to get your family members talking
  • Photos And Your Family History; Maureen Taylor explains how old photographs can assist you in your family history research
  • The Genealogy Proof Standard; George G. Morgan explains the importance of evaluating and documenting your evidence
  • 10 Tips For Crafting A Compelling Family History Narrative; Lisa A. Alzo offers advice on how to write a “can’t put down” family history

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