They Called Me Doc - Doc Race Recalls his Practice in Orting (Washington State) between 1947 and 1953

They Called Me Doc - Doc Race Recalls his Practice in Orting (Washington State) between 1947 and 1953

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They Called Me Doc - Doc Race recalls his practice in Orting (Washington State) between 1947 and 1953; by George A Race, MD; 2005; 6x9; 220 pp; Item #: HQP016.

This is the story of Doc Race, and his years in practice in Orting, Washington. The names of the individual patients (and some others) involved were changed to protect the innocent, and at times, the guilty. If you happen to be an old-timer, you might very well be able to identify the people involved just by their characteristics.

It's a great read. If you have any interest in what was the small town of Orting, Washington (population 1250) mid-20th Century, you'll love this book.

The following is from the Table of Contents:

  1. To Realize a Dream
  2. My First House Call
  3. The Soldier's Home 
  4. The Old and the Young
  5. Ten-Shut
  6. Buckley Custodial School
  7. Men and Women of Letter
  8. Allergic Reactions
  9. Versonica
  10. People Reaching for Dreams
  11. My Professional Coharts
  12. Ladies in Waiting
  13. Guys and Dolls
  14. The Doctor Wears Different Hats
  15. Unusual Accidents
  16. Camp I
  17. The Great Graham Beef Barbecue
  18. The Orting Fire Department
  19. Wheels, Wheel, Wheels
  20. The Layman's Medical Dictionary
  21. A Doctor's Day is Unpredictable
  22. The Doctor Wields a Scalpel
  23. The Medic Treats 4-Footed Patients Too.
  24. Strange Characters I Came to Know
  25. Orting's Teenagers
  26. The Many Facets of a Country Doctor
  27. Saved by the Bell
  28. The Fruit of the Vine
  29. My Face was Red
  30. The Bear Hunter
  31. Time to Leave
  32. My Introduction to the Clinic
  33. Psychiatry At the Mayo
  34. The Miracle
  35. Westward Ho!