The Family Tree Irish Genealogy Guide: How to Trace Your Ancestors in Ireland

The Family Tree Irish Genealogy Guide: How to Trace Your Ancestors in Ireland

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The Family Tree Irish Genealogy Guide: How to Trace Your Ancestors in Ireland; by Claire Santry; 2017; 240 pp; Soft Cover; 7x9; Perfect Bound; ISBN: 978-1-4403-4880-8; Item #: IG05

Discover your Irish roots! This comprehensive book will show how to find your Irish ancestors and learn more about them, with guides to identifying immigrant ancestors, researching major Irish records, and understanding Irish history and geography.

Your Irish ancestors are calling! Dig deeper into your family's history with this complete guide to Irish genealogy. This book will take you step-by-step through researching ancestors from Ireland, from understanding genealogy basics to applying advanced research techniques to your family tree. You'll learn how to identify your immigrant ancestors, then how to use passenger lists, naturalization records, marriage certificates, census records and more to pinpoint the immigrant's place of origin. And once you've traced your ancestors back to Ireland, this book will show you how to use records from the old country to research further up your family tree. With chapters explaining the old country's history, geography and administrative divisions, plus sections about finding civil registration, church records, wills, deeds and other traces your ancestors left behind, this book has all the answers you need to find your ancestors hiding in records. The book's appendices also feature guides to Irish archives, libraries and heritage centers, plus a list of the best Irish genealogy websites and publications to consult for further study.

Whether you're just getting into genealogy or you've been searching in Ireland for years, this comprehensive how-to guide will give you the tools you need to discover your Irish heritage.

You'll love The Family Tree Irish Genealogy Guide if:

  • You just discovered Irish heritage in your family tree and want to know how to learn more about your ancestors
  • You've hit a brick wall in your Irish research and need some new leads and techniques
  • You're fascinated by Irish culture and history want to know more

The Family Tree Irish Genealogy Guide features:

  • Tips and techniques for identifying your Irish immigrant ancestor and tracing him back to Europe
  • Crash-course guides to Irish naming conventions, history and geography
  • Maps of administrative divisions to help you identify the civil and military records your ancestors would have created
  • Case studies that apply concepts to real-life research problems
  • Lists of resources for further research, including Irish archives, heritage centers and genealogy websites

Excerpt: Sample Tips - Here are some tips you'll find in The Family Tree Irish Genealogy Guide:

  • Treat family stories as clues. Stories handed down through generations may be based on fact, but they may have changed (intentionally or not) along the way. Indeed, some may bear little resemblance to the historical reality. As a result, treat family stories as clues that inspire further research, rather than proven facts.
  • Catch the ship in Derry. Immigrants from the Ulster counties of Derry, Donegal, and Tyrone used the port of Londonderry as their preferred route to North America in the mid-nineteenth century. The passenger lists from two companies out of Londonderry are the subject of Irish Passenger Lists, 1847-1871 by Brian Mitchell (Genealogical Publishing Company, 2008). This book includes the names and residences in Ireland of more than twenty-seven thousand passengers to North America, many disembarking in Philadelphia. The book can also be accessed on
  • Extend your search to adjacent parishes. In the nineteenth century, new Catholic parishes were created in Ireland, and the boundaries of many parishes changed. As a result, you may find earlier records for your ancestors' locality in the registers of an adjoining parish.

About The Author: Claire Santry

A full-time freelance journalist for more than thirty years, Claire Santry has three specialities: Irish genealogy, architecture, and travel. She has written for many Irish, UK, and US newspapers and magazines, including The Guardian, Belfast News Letter, the Washington Post, Visitor Ireland, Britain, Family Tree (UK), and Family Tree Magazine (US), and publishes both the well-established Irish Genealogy News blog and its stablemate website Irish Genealogy Toolkit. She is a Fellow of the Irish Genealogical Research Society and editor of its monthly members bulletin, which carries news of record releases and other developments in Irish family history.

Claire's work has taken her to many far flung corners of the globe, and she lived and worked in Paris, France, for a spell, but she now divides her time between England and Ireland. When she finally packs away her suitcase, she and her husband plan to settle near her childhood home in County Carlow.

Contents of the The Family Tree Irish Genealogy Guide:


Part 1: Linking Your Family Tree to Ireland

  • Chapter 1: Discovering Your Irish Heritage
  • Chapter 2: Jump-Starting Your Irish Research
  • Chapter 3: Identifying Your Immigrant Ancestor

Part 2: Getting to Know the Old Country

  • Chapter 4: Understanding Irish History
  • Chapter 5: Understanding Irish Geography
  • Chapter 6: Deciphering Irish Names and Surnames
  • Chapter 7: Civil Registrations
  • Chapter 8: Church Records
  • Chapter 9: Census Records
  • Chapter 10: Land and Property Records
  • Chapter 11: Printed Sources
  • Chapter 12: Probate, Law & Order, Military, and Occupation Records

Part 3: Using Advanced Sources and Strategies

  • Chapter 13: Putting It All Together: Case Studies
  • Chapter 14: What to Do When You Get Stuck
  • Appendix A: Latin in Irish Catholic Parish Registers
  • Appendix B: Irish Genealogy Research Societies
  • Appendix C: Irish Graveyard Research
  • Appendix D: Archives, Libraries, and Other Repositories in Ireland
  • Appendix E: County and Heritage Genealogy Centers
  • Appendix F: Publications and Websites