The Family Tree Historical Atlas of Germany

The Family Tree Historical Atlas of Germany

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The Family Tree Historical Atlas of Germany, by James M. Biedler; 2019; 240 pp; Hardback; Color; ISBN 978-1-4403-5464-9; Item #: IG08

Delve into your German heritage! This collection of beautiful historical maps of Germany will help you sort out the mess that is German history. With these 100-plus full-color maps, you can view German border changes throughout the centuries, allowing you to find your German hometown and records of your German ancestors. Inside, you’ll also find detailed summaries of major events in German history—from the Holy Roman Empire’s fall to German Unification to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

What’s Inside

The Family Tree Historical Atlas of Germany features:

  • Beautiful maps of German states from medieval times to the present, each selected specifically for the genealogist
  • Detailed captions that put each map in context
  • Extensive histories of Germanic regions that will walk you through the country’s long and complex past, from the Holy Roman Empire to the Berlin Wall
  • Timelines of the events in each era of German history that affected boundary changes
  • A special village index that will help you pinpoint your ancestor’s hometown

Who Should Get This Book

You’ll love The Family Tree Historical Atlas of Germany if…

  • You want to put your ancestors’ daily lives in a geographic context
  • You’re looking for ways to dive deeper into your German heritage research
  • You enjoy looking at vintage maps from your ancestors’ time

Contents of The Family Tree Historical Atlas of Germany:

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: The Era of Germanic Tribe
  • Part 2: The Middle Ages
  • Part 3: From the Thirty Years’ War to Napoleon
  • Part 4: Nineteenth-Century Germany
  • Part 5: Regional and State Maps
  • Part 6: Twentieth-Century Germany
  • Part 7: Modern-Day Religious and Demographic Maps
  • Part 8: Other German-Speaking Lands
  • Germany Glossary
  • Map Sources
  • Village Index