The Family Story of Bonnie and Clyde - FHB

The Family Story of Bonnie and Clyde - FHB

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The Family story of Bonnie and Clyde; by Phillip W. Steele; Indexed; First Printed 1989, Reprinted 1998; 160 pp; 5.5x8.25, Paperback; ISBN: 978-1565547568; Item # PP56X

Perhaps the most infamous couple in the history of the United States, Bonnie and Clyde have become a part of American folklore, yet their true story—their family story—has remained elusive, until now.

In the 1930s, the Great Depression cast a dark cloud on America’s economy and created an atmosphere of poverty and despair, which transformed many everyday people into criminals. Arising from such circumstances, Bonnie and Clyde, along with fellow outlaws Raymond Hamilton and Ralph Fultz, formed the Barrow Gang that robbed and ran throughout the state of Texas.

Marie Barrow Scoma, Clyde Barrow’s youngest sister, felt that no book, film, article, or video told the Barrow Gang story completely or accurately. Collaborating with Phillip Steele to tell the truth, she offered not only her personal insight, but also previously unpublished photographs and her mother’s diary, which had never before been seen by anyone outside of the Barrow family. The result is a revelatory reminiscence that sheds dramatic new light on Bonnie and Clyde’s exploits.