The Dead Horse Investigation – Forensic Photo Analysis for Everyone

The Dead Horse Investigation – Forensic Photo Analysis for Everyone

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The Dead Horse Investigation – Forensic Photo Analysis for Everyone; by Colleen Fitzpatrick ; 252 pp; Softcover; 2008; 6 x 9; ISBN: 978-0-976-71606-1; Item #: YA051

Step into the 21st Century of Photo Identification. If you think you’ve squeezed every drop of information from your photos, think again. Have you ever considered using an ultraviolet light to date your photos? What does it mean if you find a photo on the back of an old picture? How can you spot a fake? How can you tell what camera was used to take a picture of someone posing in his BVDs?

Everyone can become a photo expert. Even the simplest photo can lead you to an unexpected adventure. Keeping an eye out for important details is just a first step. Knowing what those details mean and how to chase them down is just as critical. If you are up for some exciting fun investigating your old photographs, this book is for you!

The following is from the Table of Contents:

What Is a Photo Really Saying?

Remember to Look at the Back

  • Remember to Look at the Back!
  • What If You Can’t See the Back?
  • What If The Writing Is There but It Is Hard to See?
  • Lot Numbers, Logos, Personal Marks
  • A Ghost Image
  • The Edges
  • The Paper
  • The Shape
  • The Mat
  • Summary
  • References

Two Short Case Studies

  • I. A Ghost Image - The Hodder Comparison
  • II. The Mat - Father and Son
  • References

Details, Details

  • What Can I Tell about the Picture from the Clothing?
  • The “Occasional” Photograph
  • Where?
  • As Time Goes By
  • Wanna Date?
  • Don’t Miss a Thing!
  • References

The Belgian Orphans

  • Hard and Soft Clues
  • “The” Clue
  • Which Way Does the Flag Hang?
  • White or Yellow Stripe?
  • Where?
  • When?
  • Comité National de Secours et d’Alimentation
  • Further Investigation
  • A Few Notes
  • Summary

The Photographer

  • Charles Eisenmann
  • References

Reach Out and Touch Someone

This Photo Is OK!

  • References

What’s Wrong with This Picture?

  • Types of Fake Photos
  • Changes in Context, & Changes in Content
  • Spotting a Fake

Relative Amnesia

  • A Providential Escape
  • The Next Chapter
  • A Major Breakthrough
  • A Few Emails and a Reunion
  • The End of the Story
  • References

The History of Photography Part I

  • Introduction
  • The Beginning
  • The Box, The Lens, & The Recording Materials
  • The Daguerreotype
  • Outdoor Photography
  • The Ambrotype
  • Union Cases
  • Tintypes
  • In the Meantime...
  • Aerial Photography, Stereoviews, & Underwater Photography
  • References

History of Photography Part II

  • The Birth of the Paper Photograph
  • Cartes de Visite and Cabinet Cards
  • Sun Picture Tax Stamps
  • Three-Layer Collodion and Gelatin Prints
  • References

Age Progression

  • References

Photographic Misidentification

  • References

The Dead Horse Investigation: Crouching Horse, Hidden

  • Locomotive
  • Putting Things Into Perspective
  • Camouflaged Locomotive
  • City Directories
  • References