The Best from American Canals, Vol. VI (1991-93)

The Best from American Canals, Vol. VI (1991-93)

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The Best from American Canals, Vol. VI, Published by the American Canal and Transportation Society, with the articles written by its members; 1993; paperback; 88 pp; ISBN: 0-933788-85-1; 8.5x11; Item #: ACT11

This volume is made up articles originally published in the quarterly periodical, American Canals . The book is also loaded with historic photos and maps.

The following is from the Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Table of Contents
  • A Visit to Lowell (Shank)
  • Lowell Mass: Restoring a City of Canals (Russell)
  • New Canal Boat Construction Index)
  • Gennessee Valley Canal Chronology (Kipp)
  • 1792 Batteau Recreated
  • Adirondack Water: Lifeblood of Canals (Kipp)
  • National Recreational Trails Fund (Trout)
  • Encountering the Champlain (Cassai)
  • Pennsylvania Canal Society Tours Paw-Paw Tunnel (Shank)
  • Cruising the Waterways by Canoe (Shank)
  • Protecting the D&R Canal Park (Amon)
  • Joint New York and Penna. Canal Societies Field Trip (Russell)
  • Floating Elevator Transfers Grain to Steamer (Trout)
  • Trans-Jersey Ship Canal, A Dream Unfulfilled (Russell)
  • “Photos From Collection” Book Review (Frankel)
  • Mule-Power Force Analysis (Dzombak)
  • “Canals of New York State” Book Review (Frankel)
  • The Conewago Canal (Thomas)
  • Erie Canal Board Game (Dzombak)
  • “Story of American Canals” Book Review (Walton)
  • Touring the Union and Schuylkill Waterways (Shank)
  • British I.W.A. Visits the USA (Squires)
  • Glossary of Canal Terms (Droege)
  • A Long Stretch of Peace and Quiet (Johnson)
  • “Here and Now – Ohio’s Canals” Book Review (Mueller)
  • International Canal Conference, Harpers Ferry (Shank)
  • “Twenty-Five Mile to Nowhere” Book Review (Porter)
  • Reopening of Canal Hinges on Floodwall Gate
  • Erie Canal Improvement Board
  • The Zoar Feeder and Sidecut (Woods)
  • New Book on Alexandria Canal (Trout)
  • Defiance: Focal Point of Ohio History (Loomis)
  • Muskingum River Navigation Sesquicentennial (Ross)
  • Rehabilitation of the Schuylkill (Pa. Canal Society)
  • The Keweenaw Waterway, Then and Now (Ross)
  • “Marguerite II Work Underway” (CSO Newsletter)
  • American Petroleum Industry Born in Pa. Canal (Dzombak)
  • Canal Ghosts on the Ohio and Erie (Woods)
  • Ohio & Erie Canal Corridor Coalition (Turner)
  • The Arkansas Traveler Afloat (Ross)
  • “Floating West” Book Review (Walton)
  • Upper Fox River and Portage Historic Survey (Kleist)
  • Cuyahoga Recreation Area (Turner)
  • Wabash & Erie Yields Wooden Treasure (Schmidt)
  • A Cruise Across Michigan (Ross)
  • On the Richelieu & Chambly Canals (Meseck)
  • Mississippi River Museum Threatened (Spense)
  • Erie Canal guide Published (Kranz)
  • Gronauer Lock Update
  • Memphis to New Orleans on the Mississippi Queen (Shank)
  • C&O Canal Boat Trips (C&O Canal Assn.
  • “Spruce Goose Travels Thru’ Willamette Falls Locks (C.E.)
  • Illinois & Michigan Canl Book Review
  • Louisiana’s B and L Canal (Dzombak)
  • Cruising the Canadian Canals (Akers)
  • Ottawa Locks of Rideau Canal Refurbished (Russell)
  • “Retain, Record, Recover, Restore, Recreate” (Saunders)
  • “Across the Sahara by Steamer” (Trbovish)
  • New Jerseyans Tour Irish Canals (McKelvey)
  • Schuylkill Navigation Book Review (Zimmerman)
  • Main-Danube Canal Opens (Shank)
  • The Remarkable Corinth Canal (Russell)
  • Canadian Happenings (Phair)
  • Japan’s Biwa Canal – All Purpose Utilization (Thompson)
  • Journey on the Douro River in Portugal (Squires)
  • Romance on an English Cut (Saunders)
  • Montech Water Slope Revisited (Squires)
  • Index.