Ten Brick Wall Tips for Beginners - CD-Rom

Ten Brick Wall Tips for Beginners - CD-Rom

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Ten Brick Wall Tips for Beginners - CD-Rom; presented by Marian Pierre-Louis; CD-ROM; This class was presented to a live webinar (online seminar) audience on February 15, 2012. 1 hour 31 minutes, plus 8 pages of handouts; Item #: LEGweb10

Marian Pierre-Louis, the genealogist who cracked the case of Nathan Brown's parents, is at it again. Once again she's tackling the topic of brick walls. Everyone needs a little help and encouragement to jump-start the research, especially on hard-to-solve cases. In this webinar, Marian will present 10 brick wall tips that will help every genealogist look at their research challenges in a fresh way. This webinar will bring you the momentum you need to get your family history research back on track.

Comments from Marian's last webinar:

  • Absolutely one of the best. The information was clear, concise and extremely useful.
  • Absolutely the best webinar I have attended! I have tried using the "old research logs" etc - with mixed results. But we need new conceptual sheets for today's researching; and Marian has given us those. Many THANKS.
  • As always, Marian was excellent - both in content and presentation. As a professional genealogist I always use research plans for my client work but, even though I am very familiar with them, I learned several handy tips from this webinar. Thank you, Marian, and thank you Geoff, once again, for your excellent series of webinars.
  • Every genealogist should watch this webinar, it's one of THE most informative webinars I've seen. I've known I needed to implement a research plan but never known exactly how to go about it. Now with such great instruction, I'm finally going to be able to be more organized and efficient in my researching. Thank you Marian!
  • Excellent presentation. Thorough conceptual base, and showed us that we will want to individualize it for the way we research. Thanks for the motivation to control my research!
  • Excellent webinar! Fit my needs perfectly. Now I'm ready to tackle those brick walls.
  • Extremely informative! Has completely changed my definition of how to search. Thank you for hosting this webinar.
  • I really enjoyed learning about the importance of having a Research Plan. I practice a rather haphazard way of ancestering. Marian's method does put one in control.It is so organized and I'm sure less stressful in the long run.
  • I think it was most helpful -- I only wish I had this information 20 years ago!! I would have saved so much time and footwork!
  • I wish I'd heard this info when I first started researching. I have always created my own data forms because of the limited spacing on other's forms, but I always wondered if it was *ok* . Because I hope to become a certified genealogist, I'd wondered if it would be acceptable professionally. Thank you so very much for giving me the confidence now to continue with it, as well as tips on how to improve my forms. You are wonderful !!
  • I've been trying to create some kind of format and forms that would help me to plan. I found some success with them, but not much. Marion's approach seems to be just what I need to "take control of my research, rather than letting it control me!" Maybe, I'll let her know about my first successful research plan and thank her for the boost she gave me in this webinar.
  • Love this topic and the presenter. The scientific method for genealogists!! Start with a plan, develop questions that address your initial questions, formulate possible research strategies, know where you are going to look, look there, record your initial results, evaluate the initial findings, develop a plan for further research, and repeat!! Great new ideas to add to my arsenal of research methodology.
  • Marian has added a whole new dimension to my research logs. She is one of the clearest and most logical webinar speakers.
  • Marian is great - informative, humorous, and she empathizes with the common family historian as well as the professional genealogist. I greatly enjoyed the presentation. Thank you very much!
  • Most valuable webinar I've EVER seen. I've always wanted some clear direction on how to do research plans now that we are in the electronic age. Have searched online for help with this, but most of what I've found has been the old-school way to do things on paper forms, not very practical with today's ways of doing research with computers.
  • This was very helpful. I have personally wasted so much time in the past, discovering and rediscovering sources. I have a couple of brick walls right now and I am going to develop plans to solve each. Thank you so much.

About the author:

Marian Pierre-Louis is a genealogical writer and speaker who specializes in southern New England research (Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts). Born and raised in Connecticut, she has lived in Massachusetts for almost 20 years. Marian has three generations of recent family ties to Rhode Island and also links to some very old Rhode Island lines. As a result, these three states have become the focus of her research activity. Unlike most genealogists, Marian is spoiled to spend most of her time working with original records. You will most often find her researching at a town hall, registry of deeds, probate court or the local cemetery. It’s a rare day that Marian has to sit in front of a microfilm reader.