Starr Tracks: Belle and Pearl Starr - FHB

Starr Tracks: Belle and Pearl Starr - FHB

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Starr Tracks - Belle and Pearl Starr; by Phillip W. Steele; Indexed; First Printed 1989, Reprinted 1998; 112 pp; 5.5x8.25, Paperback; ISBN: 9780882897233; Item # PP233

Belle Starr was a fascinating character in the frontier days of Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma. A proud, sharp-tempered, and very independent woman, she wore six-guns over her velvet skirts, and was a friend of the notorious Younger brothers. When the popular press of the day painted her as the "Bandit Queen" of the West, she encouraged the romantic myths, though in truth she was never a criminal.

Belle dominated her daughter, Pearl. Determined that the young woman would be a refined lady, she had Pearl educated at an elegant finishing school, and forced Pearl to give up her illegitimate baby. But when Belle was shot by an unknown assailant, Pearl was left destitute and alone, and had to make a living in a bordello. Though she eventually became wealthy and prosperous, Pearl never achieved the respectability she craved.

Starr Tracks tells the exciting story of two colorful characters of the Old West, and includes detailed genealogical information about the descendants of Belle and Pearl Starr. Separating fact from myth, the book gives an intriguing glimpse into the lives of American women on the wild frontier.

Author Phillip Steele resides in Arkansas, and has written several books on Western history, including Jesse and Frank James: The Family History. He interviewed all the descendants of Belle and Pearl Starr in the course of researching this book, and unearthed many previously unknown documents and photographs.