Recording You Family History

Recording You Family History

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Recording Your Family History; By William Fletcher; 317 pp; Soft Cover; 6x9 in.; ISBN 0-396-08887-2; Item # C0132

Recording Your Family History by William Fletcher is a guide to preserving oral history with video and audio tape. The same methods apply to all types of digital recording today. Fletcher has designed a program that will allow you or anyone in your family to be a capable life history interviewer.

Tips on interview techniques and guidance on audio and video equipment plus hundreds of useful family tree topics and questions. . . all in a practical, easy-to-use handbook that will help any reader/historian develop a comprehensive record of one's life, or the saga of several generations. In a recent review for another similar book., Judith P. Reid of the Library of Congress said, "the best available work is William Fletcher's Recording Your Family History," which confirms that there are those who know still think this is the best available book on recording your family history.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Family History
  • Childhood
  • Youth
  • Middle Age
  • Old Age
  • Narrator as Parent
  • Grandchildren
  • Historical Events
  • General Questions, Unusual Life Experiences, and Personal Philosophy and Values
  • Special Questions for Jewish Narrators
  • Special Questions for Black Narrators
  • Special Questions for Hispanic-American Narrators
  • Further Reading
  • Index