Portrait of My Family, My Family Heritage

Portrait of My Family, My Family Heritage

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Portrait of My Family, My Family Heritage; by F. Michael Carroll; Copyright 1978; Hardcover; 136 pp.; 8.5x11; Item# GPC8451

A great gift or keepsake album to record the genealogy and family history.

This work contains some 140 pages, illustrated in color, pertaining to virtually every relationship, object, and activity of family life. Each page is dedicated to a separate topic, such as "The Family of My Father" or "Special Memories," and leaves ample space thereunder for entering names, birthplaces, ages, and other appropriate information.

Looking for an easy and fun way to preserve the memories in the closest branches of your family’s history? Or, looking for a great way to get others in your family involved in the work? Portrait of My Family is a great solution. The book also makes a great gift, and here is why.

Portrait of My Family - My Family Heritage is a hardback, fill-in the blank, beautiful family history memory book. This 8.5″ x 11″ hardback book, if properly cared for, will last generations. Filled with pages beautifully printed to add a sense of style to each form. This book is a journal, a memory book, and a family history reference all in one.

Page by page, the owner will enjoy creating this long-lasting memory by hand, recording basic genealogical information along with the memories of family treasures and special family events. Forms and charts are designed for ease of use and for easy reading. There are places for both genealogical data as well as family personal and family stories. Records of family heirlooms and collections will help future generations identify important family treasures. The contents listed below show all the exciting topics and sheets this book offers for creating a new family heirloom.

The book also comes with an inserted sheet offering “helpful suggestion for filling in your book.” This included tips on preparing and adding photographs and making the most of your entries.

As a gift now for others, or as a gift you leave behind, is available from Family Roots Publishing.

  • Table of Contents
  • From Generation to Generation
  • How to Use This book
  • My Genealogy
  • My Parent's Courtship
  • My Parent's Marriage
  • Father's Family
  • Mother's Family
  • My Foreign-Born Ancestors
  • The Lands of Our Ancestors
  • My Family Tree - fold-out Ancestral Chart
  • My Family
  • The Family of My Father
  • The Family of My Mother
  • The Family of My Paternal GrandFather
  • The Family of My Paternal Grandmother
  • The Family of My Maternal Grandfather
  • The Family of My Maternal Grandmother
  • The Families of My Paternal Great-Grandparents
  • The Families of My Maternal Great-Grandparents
  • Family Weddings
  • Other Religious Ceremonies in Our Family
  • My Family’s Religious Affiliations
  • Where I Have Worshipped
  • Special Memories
  • My Family’s Homes
  • The Schools I Have Attended
  • The Organizations I Have Joined
  • Professions, Occupations, Crafts and Trades
  • My Family’s Military Service Record
  • My Best Friends
  • The Pets in My Family
  • The Automobiles - Our Mechanical Companion
  • Special Things
  • My Prized Family Possessions
  • Sports I Enjoy
  • My Family's Hobbies
  • Memorable Vacations
  • Family Gatherings
  • Cherished Traditions
  • The Most Outstanding Events in My Family’s History
  • Trials & Disasters My Family Has Faced
  • The Oral History of My Family
  • My Family’s Medical History
  • Vital Statistics
  • Photographs
  • Genealogical Research
  • National Archives [International]
  • Addresses
  • Autographs