Map Guide To German Parish Registers Vol. 4 - Oldenburg & Schleswig-Holstein - PDF eBook
Map Guide To German Parish Registers Vol. 4 - Oldenburg & Schleswig-Holstein - PDF eBook
Map Guide To German Parish Registers Vol. 4 - Oldenburg & Schleswig-Holstein - PDF eBook

Map Guide To German Parish Registers Vol. 4 - Oldenburg & Schleswig-Holstein - PDF eBook

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PDF eBook:  Map Guide to German Parish Registers - Oldenburg & Schleswig-Holstein, by Kevan Hansen, 313 pp., Volume 4, Item #FR0007-PDF, ISBN: 978-0-9753543-6-0, Library of Congress Control Number: 2004106280.

Published by Family Roots Publishing Company, Volume 4 of the German Map Guide series was published in 2004, updated in 2007, and reprinted in 2010, and has been acclaimed by genealogists everywhere. Written in English by Kevan Hansen, the volume was principally written to help family historians resolve where their family may have gone to church – and left vital records behind that may be seen today. This is the fourth of a series covering all of Germany. The series is still in production. Even the smallest places are listed in this series – some with a population of one person! These places are as of about 1870. If the place existed prior to that date, there is a good chance it will be listed. If the place was named after that date, the chances drop. This book covers two areas, the Kingdom of Prussia - Province of Schleswig-Holstein with 7,670 places, as well as the Grandduchy of Oldenburg, with 2,948 places. Most of the 10,618 places are towns.

Each volume of the series does the following:

  • Identifies the parish where an ancestor worshipped based on where they lived.
  • Gives the FHL microfilm number for the family's parish records.
  • Identifies virtually every city, town, and place that includes residents.
  • Visually identifies church parishes for Lutherans & Catholics in each district.
  • Identifies adjoining parishes in case an ancestor attended an alternate parish.
  • Aids in area searches, particularly across the district or regional borders.
  • Provides visual identification of search areas in which to look for a family.
  • Helps in determining the proximity of one area to another.
  • Aids in determining reasonable distances of travel from one area to another.
  • Identifies population centers in each parish.
  • Identifies archives, repositories, and other resources.
  • Aids in identification of the location of minority religions.

- See the hardbound product description for the list of 10,618 places.

Comments about Volumes in the Map Guide to German Parish Registers Series:

"The Map Guide to German Parish Registers - Grand Duchy of Hessen is a most impressive beginning for a series of extremely important German genealogical mapping resources. Unlike ordinary German gazetteers and histories, this meticulously organized reference book provides invaluable assistance in homing in on the specific parish needed to help locate your family’s ecclesiastical records. The book is easy to use and makes locating towns referenced in genealogical documents and historical references a snap. Kevan M. Hansen’s work is sure to become a definitive reference work for German genealogists everywhere. Brilliant!" - George Morgan; Aha! Seminars

"This book will save you endless hours of frustration in attempting to determine which German parishes to look in for the church records of your ancestors. Not only can you instantly locate where your ancestor went to church, but these clear, easy-to-read maps show the surrounding parishes - complete with the Family History Library microfilm numbers for each. Since most German immigrants to the US from 1709 to the 1870s came from the Grand Duchy of Hessen this book is exactly what genealogists will need. Libraries will want a reference and a circulating copy of this book."  - Thomas Jay Kemp;

"Thanks to the Map Guide to German Parish Registers - Grand Duchy of Hessen, I found my Great-Great-Grandfather's Baptism. I had been searching for the parish for 6 years and thanks to Kevan Hansen’s book, I found him. I probably would have found it without the Map Guide, but who knows how many years it would have taken. I can't wait for the Hessen-Nassau book to come out." - Ginni Morey; Campbell CA

"Our Genealogy Library is just THRILLED that you have decided to publish this wonderful resource. It is heavily used by library patrons, and they will be excited to know that further volumes will be printed." - Jan Coffman, Serials, Tulsa City-County Library