PDF-Ebook; Finding Your Ancestral Village In The Former Austro-Hungarian Empire: Slovakia, Czechy, Ukraine, Galacia And Hungary - Second Edition

PDF-Ebook; Finding Your Ancestral Village In The Former Austro-Hungarian Empire: Slovakia, Czechy, Ukraine, Galacia And Hungary - Second Edition

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PDF eBook; Finding Your Ancestral Village in the Former Austro-Hungarian Empire: Slovakia, Czechy, Ukraine, Galacia and Hungary - Second Edition; By John A. Hudik; Edited and Updated by Lisa A. Alzo; 2018; 196 pp; PDF eBook; ISBN: 978-1-6289-095-1; Item #: FR0118-PDF

Also available as a Soft Cover printed book.

Explore your ancestral village which was located in Slovokia, Czechy, Hungary, parts of Ukraine, Galacia, and other areas in Central or Eastern Europe. Understand the impact of Eastern border changes and political and administrative divisions, and learn how to correctly identify perplexing place names.

The tools, tips, and techniques in this guide will help you understand the changing boundaries of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, identify the correct historical county, and inform your search for genealogical records.

Greatly expanded from the saddle-stappled 45-page first edition, this 196 page perfect-bound book is complete with the latest websites that allow immediate access to many online resources.


The following is from the Table of Contents for this new volume:

Table of Contents


Part 1: FINDING THE ANCESTRAL TOWN OR VILLAGE Chapter 1: Where Did Your Ancestor Really Come From?
  • Introduction
  • General Information on the Ethnic Groups of the Austro-Hungarian Empire
  • Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Rusyn
  • Slovak, Ukrainian, Summary
Chapter 2: Determining the Ancestral Village
  • Home and Family Sources
  • Talk to Your Relatives
  • Starting Your Search for Immigrant Ancestors
  • Establishing the Immigrant Ancestor's Date of Arrival
  • Identify the Original Name and Hometown
  • Determine Where Your Ancestor's Hometown is Today
  • Determining Names
  • Unraveling Name Changes
  • Sorting Out Places
  • Summary
Chapter 3: Searching Other Records
  • Census Records
  • Obituary Notices
  • Other Records
  • Vital Records (B, M, D)
  • Local Church (Parish) Records
  • Naturalization Declaration of Intent
  • Passenger Arrival Records
  • Coming to America
  • Morton-Allen Directory of European Arrivals
  • Leo Baca's Index of Czech Arrivals
  • Passport Applications
  • Fraternal Organization Records
  • FamilySearch
  • FamilySearch Online Records
  • FamilySearch Global Search
  • Hungarian Baptismal Register Columns
  • FamilySearch Searching in Family Tree
  • FamilySearch Search by Location
  • FamilySearch Search by Collection
  • FamilySearch Wiki
  • FamilySearch Books
  • The Family History Library Catalog
  • FamilySearch Indexing
  • Additional Strategies
  • Shot in the Dark Technique
  • Research in Whole Family and FAN Club
  • Summary
Chapter 4: Documenting Your Work
  • Recording Data: Family Tree Software and Online Trees
  • Research Logs
  • Source Citations
  • Other Forms
  • Summary
  • Using Maps
  • Antique Maps
  • Old Hungarian County Maps pre-1918
  • Hungarian County Maps prior to 1918 on the Web
  • Hungarian County Maps prior to 1918 on microfilm
  • Modern Road Maps
  • Road maps published by Freytag and Berndt
  • Czech & Slovakia Republic Road Maps
  • Hungary Road Maps
  • Freytag & Berndt Maps, Folded Map, Scale 1:150,000
  • Road maps published by Kummerly & Frey
  • Maps available from Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International
  • U.S. Army Maps
  • Maps on the World Wide Web
  • Atlases on the Internet
  • Maps on the Internet
  • Summary
Chapter 6: Gazetteers
  • Online Gazetteers
  • Family History Library Gazetteer Holdings
  • Gazetteers of Hungary
  • List of Abbreviation and Symbols Used in Hungarian Gazetteers
  • Procedure to use the Gazetteer of Hungary
  • Gazetteers of Slovakia, Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic
  • Gazetteers of Poland
  • Gazetteers of Yugoslavia
  • Gazetteers of Romania
  • Gazetteers of Russia, Ukraine, and other Former Soviet Countries
  • Geography pre-1918
  • Old Hungarian Counties Previous to 1918
  • Slovak Republic Geographic County Changes
  • Ukraine Geographic County Changes
  • Croatia Geographic County Changes
  • Serbia Geographic County Changes
  • Romania Geographic County Changes
  • Slovenia Geographic County Changes
  • Austria Geographic County Changes
  • Summary
Chapter 7: Other Online Geographic Tools
  • JewishGen
  • Google Earth
  • Using Google Earth to Locate Your Eastern European Town or Village
  • Summary
Chapter 8: Identifying the Ancestral Town or Village Case Studies (Examples)
  • Example 1: The Name of the Slovak Town is Known
  • Example 2: The Name of the Hungarian Town is Known
  • Introduction to Verifying Your Findings
  • Confirming the Ancestral Hometown
  • Problematic Place Names
Chapter 9: Locating Foreign Records
  • Civil Registration Records
  • Where to Find Archival Records
  • State Archives
  • University Collections and Other Repositories
  • Military Sources
  • Parish Record Inventories
  • Slovak and Czech Parish Record Inventories
  • Church and Diocesan Archives
  • Hungarian Census of 1869
  • Translation of Pages of the 1869 Hungarian Census
  • Other Census Records
  • Online Resources
  • Summary
Chapter 10: Finding Relatives
  • Posting on the Internet Genealogy Groups
  • Sharing Information
  • Case Study: Are We Related?
Chapter 11: Where to Ask for Help
  • Collaborate Online
  • Social Media
  • DNA Testing
  • Hiring a Professional
  • Summary
Chapter 12: Visiting Your Ancestral Homeland
  • Planning
  • Packing
  • Researching in Archives
  • Guidelines for Onsite Research
  • Other Tips for Visiting an Archive
  • While in the Archive
  • Immersion Genealogy
  • Summary
APPENDICES Books, Articles, and Other Resources
  • Articles
  • Books
  • CDs, DVDs, and Videos
  • Miscellaneous Websites
  • Professional Genealogists
  • DNA Testing
  • FamilySearch Shortcut Links
  • East European Websites
  • Czech and Slovak Websites
  • Hungarian Websites
  • Rusyn Websites
  • Polish Websites
  • Ukrainian Websites
  • Russian Websites
  • Common Place-Name Terminology, Maps, & Gazetteers
  • Galicia and Poland Gazetteers & Maps
  • Russia Gazetteers & Maps
  • Topographic Maps of Eastern Europe
  • Maps of the Ukraine
  • Gazetteers
  • Selected North American Libraries and Repositories
  • Selected Central and Eastern European Archives
  • General Archives
  • Croatia Archives
  • Czech Republic Archives
  • Hungary Archives
  • Lithuania Archives
  • Poland Archives
  • Romania Archives
  • Russian Archives
  • Slovakia Archives
  • Slovenia Archives
  • Ukraine Archives
  • Research Logs
  • Immigrant Data Sheets
  • Languages
  • Hungarian Language
  • Dictionaries
  • Online Dictionaries
Sample Letter to the Mayor of a Town or Village
  • Letter: English Version
  • Letter: Slovak Version
  • Blind Letter Blank Form
  • Blind Letter Sample
Blank and Sample Correspondence for Archives or Churches Sample Letter to Czech Archive Sample Letter to Slovak Archive
  • Credits
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Authors