PDF eBook: A Genealogists' Insta-Guide: American Migration Routes, 1750-1800

PDF eBook: A Genealogists' Insta-Guide: American Migration Routes, 1750-1800

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PDF eBook: A Genealogists' Insta-Guide: American Migration Routes, 1750-1800; by William Dollarhide; 4 pp; PDF downloadable eBook; Downloads are available immediately upon placing order; ISBN: 978-1-933194-91-2; Item #: FR0203

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A Genealogists' Insta-Guide: American Migration Routes, 1750-1800 is a short to-the-point guide to the most important American roads, 1750 to 1800. Written by acclaimed author, William Dollarhide, this 4-page Genealogists' Insta-GuideTM discusses 12 roads of the time period that played an important part in the migration of people within America. Besides, an the inclusion of an Introduction, this Insta-Guide starts out by discussing the roads of the French & Indian War, principally Braddock's Road, and Forbes' Road. The Insta-Guide then deals with the Proclamation Line of 1762, as well as the concept of Manifest Destiny. The Insta-GuideTM then goes on to detail horse paths and a major river that became important major migration routes. These were the Wilderness Road, the Ohio River, Avery's Trace & Nashville Road, Cumberland Road, Gist's Trace, Zane's Trace, Lancaster Pike, Mohawk Turnpike, the Great Genesee Rodd, and the Seneca Turnpike. A brief history and route is given for each of these migration paths.

Included as an inset is the name of each historic road, with the corresponding highway route today.

A listing of important Print References, as well as Online References (with links) completes this Genealogists' Insta-Guide.

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