Owner Unknown: Your Guide To Real Estate Treasure Hunting

Owner Unknown: Your Guide To Real Estate Treasure Hunting

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Owner Unknown: Your Guide to Real Estate Treasure Hunting; by Jay D. Segel; Published: 1991, Reprinted: 1992; Hardcover; 129 pp; 6x9; ISBN 9780806312958; Item CF5290.

This book shows you how to discover and take possession of unclaimed real estate. Parcels of untitled, untaxed land, of unknown ownership, exist in many states and are ripe for taking. With the aid of public records, particularly tax records and probate files, it's very possible to find a parcel of owner-unknown land, identify a previous owner, determine the last known owner, trace the heirs, and acquire deeds to the tract from these heirs. Your skills, diligence, and commitment to project resolution can pay dividends in pleasure and profit.

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