Long Family Records

Long Family Records

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Long Family Records, by J. Montgomery Seaver; Paperback; 32 pp; 1929; Item # SV07

The Long Family Records book was written by J. Montgomery Seaver and was published in 1929. It has 59 pages. The following genealogical information can be found in the book:

Photographs of Robert Alexander Long, prominent lumberman of Kansas City, MO; the Hon. Chester Long, former U.S. Senator of Wichita, Kansas; and the Hon. Huey P. Long, Governor of Louisiana;

A descriptive page on the Long Coats-of-Arms which was used by the Long families of Wraxall, Wiltshire, which goes back to John Long, who died in A.D. 1597;

and a listing of a couple dozen ancient titled Long families and their area of residence in England - taken from "Burke's General Armory.

Genealogies include a descendancy of the Long family of Rood Ashton, Potterne and Wraxell; the Longs of Bromley Hill and Hurts Hill; Longe of Spixworth; and Long of Preshaw. The above descendancies take up a total of nearly 5 pages.

A listing of 18 prominent British Longs of past generations is given with the biographical description usually giving year of birth and death, occupation, notable achievements, and lists of any published works by the individual.

A listing of 17 prominent British Longs who were living in 1929 when the book was compiled is also given. Education, degrees, residence, service, birth year and father's name are usually given.

The royal ancestry of descendants of the Rev. Simon Bradstreet and his wife, Mary Long back to Henry I, King of France is included.

Under the heading of Longs in the American Revolution, 12 Longs who were officers are listed with biographical information. Typically listed is the state from which the officer served, their rank and dates thereof as well as their date of termination with the Army (whether by resignation, death, etc.). Listed by state, first name, and the number of Longs by that name are 729 Longs who served in the Revolution.

Eleven prominent Longs from past generations who lived in America are listed in biographical format, typically giving occupation, important life events, year and place of birth, and year and place of death. A listing of 30 prominent American Longs who were living in 1929 at time of publication of the book is given. The biographical information is sometimes as little as a name and occupation to as much as occupation, father's name, birth year and place, important life events, and city of residence.

One page is given to a branch of the Long family that eminated for Prieuxwof, France, in 1400, and descendants of Johnand Jennie Long, who came to America from Ireland in 1726.

A listing of how many households, by state, is given, totaling 10,436. It is stated that the list was made from telephone and city directories, excluding, when known, African Americans, British and other nationalities. This list may be interesting, but in my estimation it is worthless.

A short section of the book deals with the religious affiliations of Long families.

A bibliography of 22 sources, as to where the information in the book came from is given at the back.