Indiana in Stereo: Three-Dimensional Views of the Heartland

Indiana in Stereo: Three-Dimensional Views of the Heartland

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Indiana in Stereo: Three-Dimensional Views of the Heartland by George R. Hanlin and Paula J. Corpuz, editors; Published: 2003; Hardcover;9x6; 289 pp; ISBN: 9780871951656; Item # IHS032.

Nearly two hundred historical stereo views and more than thirty contemporary views by noted Indiana photographer Darryl Jones have been reproduced to make up Indiana in Stereo: Three-Dimensional Views of the Heartland. These stereographs chronicle the changing nature of life in the Hoosier State--from the days of small family farms and travel by horse to the growth of cities and the rise of the automobile. Pictured are scenes from across the state showing landscapes, prominent buildings, natural disasters, families, ect. Included is a handheld viewer so readers can view all the stereographs, both historical and modern, as they were intended to be seen in three-dimensional wonder.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword by George R. Hanlin
  • Stereographs: Bringing Dimension to the World by Anne E. Peterson
  • Capturing the Past: Stereo Photography in Indiana by Joan E. Hostetler
  • Indiana Landscapes
  • City Streets and Small-Town Sidewalks
  • Community Landmarks and Other Building
  • Destructive Forces
  • Travel and Transportation
  • Home and Family
  • Leisurely Outings and Public Gatherings
  • Hoosiers at Work
  • Stereo Photography: A Continuing Art by Darryl Jones
  • Contemporary Views by Darryl Jones
  • Indiana Stereo Photographers
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography
"Indiana in Stereo" Book Review

About the Author

George R. Hanlin formerly served as assistant editor at the Indiana Historical Society. He holds a bachelor's degree in journalism and a master's degree in nonprofit management from Indiana University. Paula Corpuz retired in 2010 as senior director, IHS Press.