Indian Trails to Super Highways - Pennsylvania

Indian Trails to Super Highways - Pennsylvania

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Indian Trails to Super Highways; By William H. Shank, P.E.; 1974; 64 pp; Soft Cover; 6x9 in.; ISBN: 0-933788-39-8; Item # ACT05

This small book traces the development of the inter-city roads in Pennsylvania over the past three hundred years, from Indian trails to superhighways of the 21st century.

The following is from the Table of Contents:

  • Chapter I – Original Pennsylvania Settlers and Their Communications
  • Chapter II – The Invasion of Pennsylvania
  • Chapter III – Early Roads in Pennsylvania
  • Chapter IV – Early Conveyances and Travel Conditions in Pennsylvania
  • Chapter V – The First Stone-Surfaced Roads
  • Chapter VI – Highway Hibernations in the 1800’s
  • Chapter VII – The Automobile and Modern Highways.