Handy Guide: Convicts: Port Phillip District

Handy Guide: Convicts: Port Phillip District

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Handy Guide: Convicts: Port Phillip District; by Susie Zada; 2018; 4 pp; 8.25x11.75; color photos, further reading; ISBN: 9781925781564; Item #: RUTPH0141

The question of convicts sent to the Port Phillip District (later known as Victoria) often invokes a statement that no convicts were transported to the district.

Although Port Phillip was not one of the mainstream colonies for traditional convict transportation, there were in fact six distinct groups of convicts connected to the Port Phillip District: Sullivan's Bay Settlement, Western Port Settlement; Port Phillip Settlement, Exiles, Convictions, and Free Settlers (former convicts).

Sources for each of these groups are covered in the references provided in this guide.