Handy Guide: Convicts: From Trial to Freedom

Handy Guide: Convicts: From Trial to Freedom

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Handy Guide: Convicts: From Trial to Freedom; by Kerry Farmer; 2018; 8 pp; 8.25x11.75; color photos, websites, further reading; ISBN: 9781925781342; Item #: UTPH0294

Most Australians are pleased to find a convict in the family these days. One who gained a 'free' voyage to Australia. Maybe they were an early European settler, or a bit of a rebel, but making the best of their adversities.

Governments recorded a convict's trial and sentence, imprisonment, transportation, assignments and punishments until the offender left the convict system by death or freedom - so there is generally more information available about convicts than free settlers of the same period.

This Handy Guide gives you a quick overview of convicts to Australia from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It gives information about what you can find on convicts in newspapers, information on transportation, and the records that you can find on them in Australia. The guide then gives information about convicts in the various Australian colonies: New South Wales, Moreton Bay in Queensland, Norfolk Island, Port Phillip in Victoria, South Australia, Van Diemen's Land, and Western Australia. It includes plenty of links for you to look further, as well as a list of books for further reading.