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Grin-ealogy ; by George I. Sackheim; Published: 2007; Softcover; 72 pp; 5x8; ISBN 9781886223356; Item AV356

George G. Sackheim has been researching his family’s history for more than 60 years and he has accumulated enough stories to create a book. It is called Grin-ealogy and it contains the best of the humorous tales that Sackheim has accumulated.

For example,the telephone call Sackheim once received from a family member: she said, “take my uncle’s name off the family tree.” When Sackheim asked why, she replied, “because he died!”

Or the incident that occurred when he wanted to get the hospital records of a child that was stillborn. The worker at the hospital stated , “I can only release that information to the next of kin. Are you the son of that baby who died at birth?” When Sackheim said, “yes,” he was given the information he needed.

Some of items are clearly Sackheim’s creation or the creation of others: “my family came to the united states a month after the other pilgrims. They arrived on the juneflower.”

Interspersed with the humorous stories are serious ones, such as the story of the martyrdom of his 15-greats grandfather, rabbi Israel of Ruzhany from whom all Sackheims (and variants) descend.

All together, there are more than 100 such items all of which make delightful, quick reading.