German Genealogical Research

German Genealogical Research

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German Genealogical Research; by George K Schweitzer; ISBN #: 0-913857-15-7; 235 pp; Illus., maps; Item #: GS03

German Genealogical Research by George K. Schweitzer recounts the history of Germany and provides information about Germans coming to America from 1607 to the present. The volume includes indexes to libraries, archives, histories, immigrations, periodicals, German compilations, emigrations, societies, information on German records, and a section on the German language with examples of script variations. The recommended sources are as of 1984, but they are still key to 21st-Century research.

Chapters include:

  • I: German Background
  • II: Germans to America
  • III: Bridging the Atlantic
  • IV: Types of German Records,
  • V: German Record Repositories
  • VI: The German Language.