Georgia Land Lottery Research

Georgia Land Lottery Research

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Georgia Land Lottery Research ; by Paul K. Graham; 2010; Hardbound;6x9; 166 pp; ISBN: 9780978991616; Item GAGS04.

Georgia distributed three quarters of its public land through eight lotteries held from 1805 to 1833. The book is a guide to the Georgia land lottery system, written for researchers who wish to develop a foundational understanding of land lots, the lottery process, and the associated records. The records are important for genealogists and historians who wish to document the land and people who participated in these events. The book begins with an introduction to the land lottery process and survey system, then outlines research strategies most useful to researchers. Later chapters explain records of participants, fortunate drawers, grants, and plats. The final section contains key facts, maps and lists of records for each land lottery.


  • First ever book length guide to Georgia land lottery research
  • Easy to understand introduction to the land lottery history and process
  • Original maps to help locate land
  • Ready-made plans for common research goals
  • Describes the contents of records and how they are connected
  • Includes direct citations to microfilm rolls and boxes of original records


  • The Land Lotteries
  • Land Lottery Surveys
  • Research Strategies
  • Participants
  • Fortunate Drawers
  • Grants
  • Plats and Maps
  • Beyond the Basics
  • 1805 Land Lottery
  • 1807 Land Lottery
  • 1820 Land Lottery
  • 1821 Land Lottery
  • 1827 Land Lottery
  • 1832 Land Lottery
  • 1832 Gold Lottery
  • 1833 Fractions Lottery

Author Paul K. Graham is a genealogist at ProGenealogists, a division of He has spent almost ten years studying Georgia land history. In 2004 and 2005 he published two award winning books on the 1805 Land Lottery. He holds a master’s degree in heritage preservation and a certificate in geographic information systems from Georgia State University.