Capturing Memories: Your Family History In Photographs

Capturing Memories: Your Family History In Photographs

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Capturing Memories: Your Family History in Photographs, by Maureen A. Taylor; 163 pg; paperback; ISBN 978-1-5933130-3-6; 2008; Item TP039

If you’re the photographer in your family (or if you aspire to be), photo expert Maureen Taylor can tell you exactly what to look for, whether you’re trying to buy the perfect camera or take the perfect shot. In Capturing Memories you’ll find:

Discussions about gear and gadgets for both film and digital cameras.

Helpful (and money-saving) info on what and how to buy

Practical advice on photo composition, lighting, backgrounds, and how to avoid common mistakes

Tips on photographing gravestones, family heirlooms, and old documents

Suggestions for using technology to get family photos out of the shoebox and into the hands of people who will love them as much as you do.

It’s easy to forget that family history is all around us. Research is about the past, but the materials used for genealogical inquiry – photographs, records, and artifacts – were all once part of someone’s present. It’s only because that person took time to sit for a photograph, write down the date of a birth or marriage in a family Bible, or save diaries and letters that you have a glimpse into your ancestor’s world.

Now it’s your turn to capture the important moments of your lifetime. It can be done a photo at a time.