Beginner’s Guide to Germanic Genealogy, 2nd Edition

Beginner’s Guide to Germanic Genealogy, 2nd Edition

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Beginner’s Guide to Germanic Genealogy, 2nd Ed.; by Lois H. Edwards; 2005, 2011; 107 pp Softbound with lay-flat cover; 8.5x11; ISBN: 9780964433762; Item #GGS03

This is a hands-on guide for getting started in researching your German ancestry. It includes six worksheets to guide you through your research, help in setting a clear goal, and easy-to-read essays on key topics.

The volume includes:

  • Identifying Your Immigrant Ancestor
  • German Personal Names
  • Finding the Place of Origin
  • Geography and History of German Lands
  • Emigration and Immigration
  • German Language for Genealogy
  • Gothic Script and Print
  • Explains German Church and Civil Records


The volume also provides:

  • Help with obtaining a clear goal for your research activity
  • A step-by-step process
  • Essential information you need to identify to begin
  • Clear, concise essays on key topics
  • How-to information for major steps
  • Worksheets and a checklist to help you stay focused on your goals
  • Print and Internet resources
  • Direction for obtaining further information.