An Atlas of Settlement between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi-Missouri Valleys, 1760-1880

An Atlas of Settlement between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi-Missouri Valleys, 1760-1880

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An Atlas of Settlement between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi-Missouri Valleys, 1760-1880; by Carrie Eldridge; Published: 2006; 17x11; VIII+48 pp; Soft Cover; Item # CE06

These early American trails, from the colonies, leading outward in the building of a nation, were just the beginning. With the trails came settlements. These settlements spread and grew as more and more people arrived in America, as people sought new ways and new places to make their fortunes or sought to establish a solid life for themselves and their families. So, were the Atlases of the early trails leave off, a new Atlas of early and expanding settlements picks up. This volume reveals the growth of America beyond the colonies.

At 11″ x 17″ this Atlas offers maps at a size which are easy to read. Unlike the other atlases reviewed so far, theses maps include color highlight details. Mixed with the maps are an extensive background to the early settlers, their migrations, and the importance of these towns and trails. With two columns per text page, each the size of a standard page, this book is the equivalent to a book twice as thick. Below are the Table of Contents followed by a listing of the Maps and Illustrations in the order in which they appear in the book.


Table of Contents


I. Colonial Settlement in Early America

II. The Appalachian Barrier

III. 1754-1776 An Age of Speculation

  1. First Settlement Beyond the Appalachians
  2. The Ohio River Valleys 1754-1800

IV. 1776-1795 War and Western Settlement

V. 1795-1815 Appalachian Plateau Settlement

  1. A Western Problem
  2. Surveys and Land Sales
  3. The Northwest Territory
  4. Ohio – Western Template

VI. 1803-1840 Opening the Mississippi Valley

  1. Old Southwest Territory
  2. Southwest Settlement and Indian Removal
  3. The Era of Flat Boats and Pirates
  4. New Orleans and Louisiana

VII. 1820-1845 GTT – Gone to Texas

VIII. 1815-1850 Settlement of the Great Lake Region

  1. The Canal Era and the First Immigrant Wave
  2. The Changing Frontier

IX. 1840-1880 Settlement – Northern Great Plains


Maps and Illustrations

  1. Settlement
  2. And More...
  3. Crossing the Appalachians
  4. Settlement and America’s Rivers
  5. Proposed Land Grants and Colonies 1740-1770
  6. Proposed Land Grands and Colonies 1760-1790
  7. Ohio River Tributaries – Settlement 1770-1785
  8. Forts of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia
  9. Area and Population of Colonial America
  10. Population Density
  11. Soldiers Destinations
  12. The Western Frontier 1772-1796
  13. Western Populations
  14. The Western Frontier 1800-1803
  15. First Ohio Settlement Areas
  16. Ohio Stream Watersheds
  17. Wabash River System
  18. Settlement Along the Lower Ohio River
  19. Settlement 1815-1830
  20. Tennessee Settlement
  21. Indian Land Cessions 1800-1815
  22. Southwest Territory 1798-1814
  23. Mississippi Settlement 1827
  24. Alabama Settlement 1819
  25. Louisiana Settlement 1805
  26. The Louisiana Purchase
  27. Missouri Settlement 1821
  28. Texas Settlement 1834
  29. Arkansas Settlement 1829
  30. Frontier Advance 1820
  31. Northeast Pioneer Advance 1798
  32. Northeast Pioneer Advance 1810
  33. Foreign Born Population
  34. Canals and Roads West
  35. Lower Lake Plains Settlement
  36. Upper Lakes Settlement
  37. Upper Mississippi Settlement
  38. Population of Western Cities
  39. Millions of Acres
  40. Colonial Population – United States Population

45. Ethic Corners of America